Graduate Students

Sahand Sahand Khabiri, Fall 2019 to present Sahand Khabiri (he/his) is currently a PhD candidate studying at Temple University. He began his PhD program in geotechnical engineering in Fall 2019. His research interest area is using machine learning in natural hazard risk assessment. Sahand enjoys spending his free time playing volleyball and chess, hiking, and listening to podcasts.

Undergraduate Students

Alex Alex C Miller, Spring 2023 to present Alex graduated from Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, PA. He is studying for Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Temple now. His hobbies include gaming and exercising. His favorite thing to do is go out in the city with his friends.
David David Kosiborod, Fall 2023 to present David Kosiborod (ka-see-bar-ode) is pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering after graduating from Bergen Community College with an associate in science. He has artistic experience from teaching art in a small studio back home. In his free time, you can find David drawing, gaming, or playing with his two dogs. 
Emma Emma R Schreiner, Spring 2022 to present Emma Schreiner (she/her) is currently an undergraduate student studying civil engineering at Temple University. After graduation, she will work in transportation engineering. She began undergraduate research with the geotechnical department in the spring of 2022 and is a member of Temple’s ASCE student chapter. Emma enjoys spending time outside, going to the beach, reading, and listening to music in her free time.
Kate Kate Kubiak, Spring 2022 to present Kate Kubiak (she/her) is currently an undergraduate student at Temple University studying civil engineering with an environmental concentration. Following her graduation, she will return as a graduate student in the civil engineering master's program at Temple. She has been involved in undergraduate research with the geotechnical department since May 2021. She is the co-president of Temple's ASCE student chapter and is a tour guide for the College of Engineering. In her free time, Kate enjoys reading, going on walks with her dog, trying new foods, and spending time with friends.
Yichuan Zhu
Yichuan Zhu
Assistant Professor

My research interests inlcude granular mechanics, remote sensing and applications, uncertainty quantification, and risk assessment and management.