[11/2023]: We are orginizing a mini-symposium (MS 0706) titled “Natural Hazard Assessment with Monitoring, Modeling, and Uncertainty Quantification”, with Dr. Hui Wang from University of Dayton, and Dr. Weibing Gong from Missouri University of Science and Technology. The mini-symposium is part of the Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference and Probabilistic Mechanics & Reliability Conference (EMI/PMRC 2024)

Abstracts are due on December 31, 2023. The abstract can be submitted through the link.

[08/2023]: Congratulations to my Ph.D. student Sahand Khabiri successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Uncertainty Quantification of Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Bayesian Networks”.

[08/2023]: Congratulations to Amir Mohammad and Jyleem Hollins completed their ten weeks Pathway to Temple STEM High School Research Program!

[08/2023]: CGG website has migrated from WP to Hugo platform.

Yichuan Zhu
Yichuan Zhu
Assistant Professor

My research interests inlcude granular mechanics, remote sensing and applications, uncertainty quantification, and risk assessment and management.